Getting a custom wood floor installed in your home is very simple! Tell us what species of wood you want, its width and length, and Ed’s Custom Floors will mill it for you.

Example: Need a six inch (6″) red oak with some sound tight knots, but not any open knotholes, cracks, or splits in the boards.


Six Inch Mill Run

Take a whole log.

Cut it into slabs.

Air dry three to four weeks.

Kiln dry for two weeks.

Mill it into flooring.

Each board is inspected and any open knotholes, splits, or cracks are cut out leaving a beautiful six inch red oak with sound tight knots and lengths from six to fourteen feet (6′-14′). These boards are palletized and shipped to a climate-controlled warehouse where it is stored for ten days to acclimate before installation.


Clean and sweep slab.

Fill in any low areas with a leveling compound.

Install moisture barriers on slab.

Install three fourths inch (3/4″) plywood and fasten to slab.

All wide plank wood floors are installed on a solid sub floor only!
Install wood by nailing to plywood.

Sand and stain wood to customer’s specifications.

Trim out wood floor with quarter round.

Put finish on floor (i.e.: wax, polyurethane or tung oil).

Before installation begins, it takes about six to eight weeks for custom milled flooring to arrive from the date your order is placed. Once installed, you will have a beautiful wood floor that will last the life of your home!

About Wood
We can get any wood species from anywhere in the world, but some of the most beautiful hardwoods and pines come from right here in the United States. We prefer to buy American wood because this keeps American companies in business and keeps Americans working. With tree replanting and the professional management of our forests, future generations can enjoy the same beautiful wood floors that we enjoy today! Even after two hundred years of development we have some of the most beautiful pine and hardwood forests of any country in the world.

Northeastern U.S.
Oaks, maple, hickory, walnut, cherry, and white pine are plentiful. Some of the oldest wide plank floors in the U.S. are made of white pine and have been down for over two hundred years. Many old historical homes were built using white pine.

Southern & Southeastern U.S.
Southern and Southeastern woods include oaks, walnut, pecan, hickory, cypress, long leaf heart pine, and yellow pine. Even in the arid regions of central and south Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona, mesquite is produced, which is one of the hardest woods in the world and makes a gorgeous and unique dark-reddish brown floor!

Central U.S.
The Central U.S. has vast forests of hardwood and pine.

Northwestern U.S.
Northwestern wood includes pine, fir, redwood, and alder.

Each of these woods has unique graining, color, and texture and bring a touch of history, elegance, and simple beauty to any home . . . especially yours! Contact Ed’s Custom Floors today for more information.